Cat Pole

Product Name: Cat Pole
Client: United Pets
Year: 2015
Category: Pets
Material: Cardboard, sisal rope, rattan fabric and plastic   

United Pet‘s first requirement for the “Cat pole” was that it should be able to fit in every house! The research therefore focused on space, a precious commodity especially in city dwellings.

Urban cats often don’t go out, so their need for movement also becomes an health issue. With this in mind and without encroaching into the space needed for household furnitures, I decided on a fun object that can be very easily inserted in the real living context.

The “Cat pole” goes under desks, kitchen tables or worktop, without invading other spaces, whilst allowing the cat to play, thanks to a toy holder on top. Cat Pole’s cord allows for a 10 cm extension, height ranging from 68 to 78 cm, divided in four elements.

This construction is great for packaging too, as it saves on volume. The lower leg is coated in coconut fibres which satisfies Felix’s need of marking its territory by rubbing up against it.

Alessandra Pasetti, Cat Pole
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