Alessandra Pasetti Mp3
Alessandra Pasetti Mp3
Alessandra Pasetti Mp3

Product Name: Mp3
Client: Morellato & Sector
Year: 2007
Category: Jewel
Material: Steel – Carbon fibers – Natural diamonds H/I – Swarovski – 1 Gb Memory

Probably the first tecnological jewel! Thanks to Morellato, here my research for merging sophisticate shiny steel, pink gold and carbon fiber with swarovski and 1 gb of music!

Morellato’s aim was to “sex up” a memory storage device capable of storing 1gb of music to be used by him and her. Not just a jewel, probably the first high tech jewel on the market. A unique product that interprets luxury and fashion, technology and design.

The first step was to research the target audience: young males and females born in the digital era. I centred a natural diamond, as the luxury emblem, and chose a pvd steel base in rose gold with Swarovsky crystals, to form a butterfly for her, while developing a simpler, dark steel casing for him.

It contains 3 hours of music and it is completed with earphones fastened to the cord and hidden at the back of the neck.

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